Why Google My Business is a Must

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Why Google My Business is a Must

Get More Profit & Customers With A Google My Business Listing-Including Omaha Marketing

Working in marketing as long as I have, I notice how frequently business owners undermine the value of Google My Business – Google’s app that enables businesses to control their search listing. Perhaps you’re one of those business owners and don’t see the point in having to manage a Google Business profile since Google auto-fills most of the information if you have a website. And if you do have a website, BeKan Omaha Marketing can help.

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But in the last year, digital has exploded, even small local businesses cannot deny how critical search is to ensure your business remains relevant. 

The foundation of that should be Google My Business (GMB), as GMB is the best way to connect with potential clients. 

Does My Business Need A Google My Business Account?

Absolutely. Customers are searching for service businesses. With a conservative estimate, one local listing for an HVAC specialist in Omaha can get over a few thousand views a month. At a conversion rate of 5%, that’s more than enough to fill your calendar every month.

Besides a reliable source of free leads, Google Business is also an excellent reputation builder. With BeKan Omaha Marketing, SEO and Google My Business is on Autopilot.

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How Do I Increase Call Outs From Google My Business?

One differentiator between Bekan Marketing and other marketing agencies in Omaha is that we specialize in marketing a handful of related service businesses. Our focus includes businesses in construction, heating and ventilation, and plumbing. By creating this niche, we’re able to develop a fool-proof formula that increases our client’s call-out rates and ensures they book more customers.

These are some of the ways you can use what we’ve learned to improve the results from your Google My Business listing.

Update Your Business Information

After creating your Google My Business profile, the first thing you should do is update your business information.

Your listing should include a contact number, business operating hours, health and safety protocols, and address. Additionally, you should add supplementary services like free estimates or call-outs to your listing.

Automate Customer Reviews

Reviews can help you appear higher up on Google Business listings. However, they are crucial for several other reasons, including building trust. Getting customers to review your business is challenging; that’s why we suggest automating the process.

To successfully automate customer reviews, you need to develop an after-sales funnel that relies on the correct CRM. Unfortunately, this is not a DIY task and requires an expert to set up. The CRM we use to automate review requests makes navigating reviews easy. It allows you to rectify any potential negative experiences before they escalate while ensuring your best experiences make it to your GMB listing. This automation has helped us obtain enviable ratings for all our clients.

Ask and Respond To Questions

Omaha Marketing is BeKan Marketing. Not a “website”, not a Facebook Ads Campaign, but a Custom Omaha Marketing Local Service Business Plan.

What sort of liability insurance do you provide? What is the warranty on the work? Do you use licensed plumbers? Do you offer free estimates? Do you do emergency call-outs? These are all some of the questions businesses can answer to increase engagement with their Google Business listing. Also, answering questions on your profile means you don’t need to field calls from customers asking basic questions.

Add Pictures To Your Listing

Heating, ventilation, plumbing, and construction may not be exciting or visually appealing professions, but pictures will influence customers. Customers want to see your work in action. Therefore, businesses that display their work on their profile attract more customers because they eliminate the fear and uncertainty of determining the handiwork and expertise.

I Have A Google My Business Profile Why Am I Not Getting Customers?

Although GMB is a reliable source of affordable leads, not every business experiences the success our clients do when we manage their accounts. This isn’t because Google My Business is an ineffective source of leads; rather, it indicates your approach may lack critical elements. Omaha Marketing with BeKan Marketing has a proven track record.

GMB works best in tandem with other optimization techniques – like optimizing your content, social media presence, and building your reputation. All these external factors relay to Google that your business is the superior option for your local service. 

Remember, Google wants to suggest the best businesses to customers to ensure they continue to rely on Google’s suggestions to make decisions. 

Therefore, if you are not getting the results you want from Google My Business, consider how effective your other optimization strategies are or – better yet – reach out to us, especially if you’re in Omaha Marketing, to transform your Google Business profile. We do this in a way that attracts ten times the number of customers your business regularly gets.

The bottom line is: any business can have a Google My Business profile, but to make the most of it, you need an experienced marketing agency that understands your industry.